Photography & me

I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer living in Salzburg, Austria. Seeing the world through a camera has always fascinated me. At the age of 10, I got my first camera from my father who also was an amateur photographer. Sometimes I was allowed to watch him in his darkroom and I still can remember the magic moment when the white paper suddenly turned into a photo. And I fondly remember listening to my parents’ debating about pictures. So photography also became one of my hobbies. But with the amount of new possibilities offered by the digital photography and Adobe Photoshop, the hobby became a passion.

From 2017 – 2023 I was a member of the Salzburger Fotoklub. From 2020 – 2023 I successfully completed the course for Applied and Artistic Photography at the Prager Fotoschule (Linz).

If you want to get in contact with me, just write me an e-mail: uu.fotografie@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to it!

Awards & Exhibitions & Publications


  • OVF Staatsmeisterschaft 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022/2023: finalist with 2 to 5 photos each time
  • CUPOTY 03 / Close-up Photographer Year
    Category Human made – Plastic Creatures shortlisted

    Category Manmade – Eyeglasses shortlisted

  • APOY – Amateur Photographer of the Year:
    Category Architecture  – Modern Facade shortlisted
    Category Landscape  – Rocks.Ice.Fog shortlisted
    Category Travel  – Finally again …! shortlisted

    Category Black & White – Rhinoceros and Evil Eye shortlisted
    Category Close-Ups – Water Striders 6th Place, Dahlia Bud Blossoming, Agave leaves abstract and Peonia Petals shortlisted
    Category Wildlife – Alligator Siesta and Cuddling Polar Wolves shortlisted

    Category Black & White – Wild Dahlia shortlisted
    Category Architecture – Modern Pyramids 9th Place
    Category Portrait – Evil Eye shortlisted


  • Salzburg, Exhibition „Winter-Impressionen“, cooperation between Salzburger Fotoklub and Gruppo Fotografico Garbagnatese (Milano), 2022 (participation with 3 photos)
  • Participation in the SheClicks 2021 Exhibition in The Photography Show/CEWE, Birmingham 18 – 21 September 2021
  • Langenlois, Exhibition “Viva Dyonisos”, cooperation between Salzburger Fotoklub and Gruppo Fotografico „Il Cupolone“ (Florenz), November 2019 (participation with 4 photos)
  • Salzburg, Exhibition “Local Heroes”, cooperation between Salzburger Fotoklub and Cristina Garrone (Florenz), March-April 2019 (participation with 4 photos)
  • Reims, Exhibition “4 Elements”, cooperation between Visions et Reflets and Salzburger Fotoklub, April 2017 (participation with 4 photos)


  • FOKUS FOTOGRAFIE – Meisterhaftes Sehen und Erfassen 2023. Ed. Österreichischer Verband der Fotografie, Wien: Ulm by Night, Balconies
  • Trierenberg Super Circuit. Luxury Edition XII. 2022. Ed. Fotoforum, Linz: Evil Eye, Flower Sheddes
  • Trierenberg Super Circuit. The Winner’s Collection 2022. Ed. Fotoforum/Dr. Hinterobermeier, Linz: Wild Dahlia
  • Fotostaatsmeisterschaft 2022. Ed. Österreichischer Verband der Fotografie, Wien: TWA-Hotel/New York
  • Fotostaatsmeisterschaft 2021. Ed. Österreichischer Verband der Fotografie, Wien: Modern Facade
  • Fotostaatsmeisterschaft 2020. Ed. Österreichischer Verband der Fotografie, Wien: Kormoran
  • Quintessenz Austria 2000 – 2020. Meisterwerke Österreichischer Fotografie. Ed. Fotoforum Event GmbH, Linz: Busy Crowd, Dragonfly Just Hatched